Milkwood & Company is owned and operated by Monica Dimas with restaurant concepts in the Capitol Hill & First Hill neighborhoods of Seattle, Wa. 

Milkwood & Company is co-managed by Monica Dimas and operations manager Jared You. 


Check out our websites for info and our Facebook & Instagram for events!


Neon Taco is authentic mexcican food located inside of neo-dive bar Nacho Borracho : 209 Broadway East, Seattle, Wa.

Tortas Condesa serve Mexico city style tortas from a walk up window on Capitol Hill : 1510 E Olive Way, Seattle, Wa.

Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches does Charleston, SC inspired fried chicken sandwiches via the Northwest located inside of RGB 12th Ave : 1610 12th Ave, Seattle, Wa. 

Westman's Bagel & Coffee serves NY style bagel and NW excellent coffee out from a sidewalk cafe                                on Capitol Hill : 1509 E Madison St., Seattle, Wa 

Little Neon Taco is the full service version of Neon Taco serving both                                                                                 lunch and dinner on First Hill : 1009 Boren Ave, Seattle, Wa